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Case Study Of Beach Resort In India

• Rannalhi resort is the one of the best five star deluxe beach resort of the Maldives city. • it is located in approximately 35 km across the sea with the natural features to give a complete relaxations and more comfort for the.

  • Thus, this case study aims to examine performance management of a beach resort in ensuring its sustainability. Specifically, this study explores the cost saving strategies adopted by this resort...

  • Case Study. Valmex® FR700. Project Name: Kostamar Beach Resort Material Used: Valmex®FR 700 Quantity : 400 m² Architect: Yagnesh Ghorecha. Textile Hokka Palms for the Nagao Beach. The “Hokka” tree is the dynamic solution for the sun protection of the top roof terrace, which is one of the most highly visible elements of the Kostarmar Beach.

  • Read Paper. LITERATURE CASESTUDY SUB. BY-SOURABH TREHAN, MOHNEESH GUPTA SUB.TO- AR. GAURAV MATHUR SPA,POORNIMA UNIVERSITY f BRIEF INTRODUCTION • Name Of Project : The Wind Flower Spa & Resort • Completion : 2011 • Architect : Ar. C.P. Raj • Owner : Mr. Giri Raj • Structure Type : Pitched Roof Building • Location : Vythiri, wayanad, Kerala •.

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